Harvest Home Church:

P.O. Box 1236

Mountain View, CA 94042


Life Groups

Welcome to the 2014 Harvest!

Let The Future Begin...!

Hindsight may have the benefit of 20/20 vision

But in real life the capacity to act

Is often the greatest when the clarity to see is worst

~Erwin McManus~

India Family

We are  a network of grateful Believers in Jesus Christ

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley under Harvest’s banner

Calling His people out of spiritual dead ends... apathy and lukewarm religion


Into a vibrant relationship that expresses itself in life-change!


Refreshed & encouraged by the fruits of the radical change in our lives, family and church! Last year alone, we have been able to send more lives and finances into the MISSION FIELD, than in the first 18 years of Harvest!


Our monthly church service & fellowship

See your Shepherd for details*

Weekly Bible Study Meetings Locations

*Saturdays 6PM –Redwood City L-1

*Saturdays 5:30PM –Redwood City L-2

*Sundays 11AM –Redwood City L-1

*Sundays 11AM –Mountain View L-1

*Sundays 11AM –Mountain View L-2

Contact: life@harvestrc.org


Creation Museum Trip – SPRING 2014!

See your Shepherd for details.

Prayer Meeting: Wed Nights
See your Shepherd for details.

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